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It's Always Wine Time 

With Act XII Wine and Provisions


"be it enacted by this present assembly that every householder does yearly plant and maintain ten vines, until they have attained to the art and experience of dressing a vineyard, either by their own industry or by the instruction of some vigneron"

In 1618, the House of Burgesses of Virginia was founded by the governor of the colony per the request of the Council of London.  This was in order to allow the colonists of Virginia to have representation in local matters.  It was in 1619, a formal document was established by the House of Burgesses, with a portion specifically having households grow grapes for production.  It is this edict that Act XII Wine and Provisions is founded.  Wine shall be for all.

Heading 6

Prior to meeting Corrie, Bob was working at a small production winery in Louisa, VA.  It was here that he refined the passion of wine learned while taking a wine appreciation course at Randolph-Macon College.  Quickly his passion was shared with Corrie after they began dating.  Over time the couple explored this passion while navigating pursuit of their careers.  Bob and Corrie moved to West Virginia for Bob's education, and after they moved to Ohio for its completion.  During all of this time, they traveled to wine growing regions and expanded not only their palate but their knowledge.  A decision was made to move to Tappahannock, Virginia for Bob's career.  Soon after moving here, they recognized a place to purchase fine wine and craft beer locally.  Bob pleaded with Corrie to open a wine shop and he often joked about it, but she finally realized the vision with him.  Act XII Wine and Provisions was established in 2023.

"Drinking good wine with good food in good company is one of life's most civilized pleasures."

Michael Broadbent

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